Woodhaven Board Room
1450 K.L.O. Road, Kelowna, BC

Chair Given acknowledged that this meeting is being held on the traditional territory of the syilx/Okanagan peoples.


This Special Meeting is being held for the purpose of considering an amendment to the RDCO Zoning Bylaw No. 871.

The Public Hearing was advertised (pursuant to the Local Government Act) in the Kelowna Capital News on:

  • Wednesday, May 13, 2020; and
  • Wednesday, May 20, 2020

In accordance with Development Applications Procedure Bylaw No. 944, a Notice of Application” sign was also posted on the subject property.

The role of the Regional Board is to hear representation from those persons who wish to provide comments regarding the proposed bylaw.  Everyone who wishes to speak shall be given the opportunity to be heard.  No one will be, or should feel, discouraged or prevented from making his or her views known.  However, it is important that all who speak at this meeting restrict their remarks to matters contained in the bylaw and it is my responsibility as Chairperson of this meeting to ensure that all remarks are so restricted.

Members of the Regional Board may, if they so wish ask questions of you following your presentation.  However, the main function of the Regional Board members this evening is to listen to the views of the public.  It is not the function of the Regional Board at this public hearing to debate the merits of the proposed bylaw with individual citizens.

No decision will be made at the Hearing, but the entire proceedings will be considered by the Regional Board at a subsequent meeting.

Submissions regarding the proposed bylaw may be received prior to or at this Hearing.

No further information or representations can be considered by the Regional Board after the Public Hearing is terminated.

  1. i.     OWNER:    S. Tulloch

                AGENT:      D. Tulloch

Received First Reading April 27, 2020, Central Okanagan East Electoral Area

To amend the zoning from RU2 Rural 2 to RU2s Rural 2 (Secondary Suite) on Lot 8, Section 30, Township 24, ODYD, Plan 31650 located adjacent to Sierra Drive.